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My inspiration and passion come from the weavers who over centuries have shared their love for the art of weaving, their hard work, wisdom and vision, as well as their timeless creations.  The endless natural colors and textures in cotton, wool, bamboo, silken threads and yarns, and designs and patterns continue to evolve from nearly the beginning of civilization to the present. I am so happy to offer unique creations of my own that are warm and vibrant and made with love.


I love the sound and feel of the rhythm of the loom as I throw the shuttle, press the pedals, and beat the weft. Often, it feels like a dance–winding the warp and looming the loom in the company of Ravi Shankar or Lord Huron or classical or jazz music–always while barefoot.


Weaving is like meditation that takes me to a place of peace and comfort during these immensely trying times. It is a craft that continues to develop, and there is always something new to learn. Nothing woven by hand can be duplicated, and I have learned that a flaw is considered the artist’s signature. 





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